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So here we go, my very first blog!

So here we go, my very first blog! With a revamp of my website I thought there was no better time to put pen to paper. I wanted to give you a little insight into, well..... me!

This year has been very strange for everyone, and feeling the strain personally with the loss of 37 weddings this summer, I was more than delighted to have my first wedding after lockdown in September.

I was contacted by a lovely bride named Carrie late July to ask about my availability for their chosen date. I was available and was keeping everything crossed that their wedding would go ahead. I learnt from the initial contact with Carrie that her and her fiance had cancelled their first wedding due to Covid restrictions and they rescheduled for September, but had to completely change venues and location. They decided to go for Newton hall in Northumberland. Carrie found my details and got in touch. She informed me there wouldn’t be time for a trial as they would only be arriving at Newton Hall the evening before their wedding so we agreed to just wing it on the day!

Carrie expressed concerns about not having time for a trial and was worried if I would manage her incredibly curly long thick hair, she told me she’d had a few hair disasters in the past. I immediately put her mind at rest, and assured her it would be fine and that she could be confident I will deliver her dream hairstyle.

I am highly experienced with styling curly hair, and I also have naturally curly hair myself so I understand the struggle. I would always recommend to encourage curl, accentuate it, and never try to straighten it out especially for a wedding style. I would always recommend to enhance natural features - make the hairstyle look like you, but your ‘best possible you’.

Following a couple of emails exchanged, I got to meet Carrie and her bridal party on the wedding morning, and boom! - we hit it off!

The lovely girls made me instantly feel welcome. What I love about my job so much is that I walk into that bridal suite and I’m always greeted by the most lovely gorgeous people.......a friend said to me recently, “your vibe attracts your tribe” and you know what, it actually does! I can put my hand on my heart and say genuinely I have the best job in the world! I get to spend time with gorgeous ladies on one of the most momentous and happiest days of their lives and they invite me along to play a part in their special day - what’s not to love!

I am not one of these bouncy excitable souls who lights up a room with my presence, but I do like to arrive with a big smile on my face. I want to feel all your anxieties I want to hear how much sleep you didn’t get and how the groom stayed up later in the bar than he should have, I love all the little extras we chat about, but most of all I love being the calming voice by your ear when things get crazy and your worries make you quiet or hot, or shakey. I love reassuring you that it will all be good and ‘you’ve got this girl!’ When I pop your veil in and see you standing in your dress I am genuinely so happy and proud to have been there. It’s funny, but more often than not I walk out of the room and feel like I’ve known the bride and bridal party for years.

It was so lovely to make such a connection with Carrie, and it was my pleasure styling her beautiful hair. I’m pleased to say we absolutely nailed it! She was a picture! Her hair was to die for! I was in curly hair heaven and able to work my magic and create the most wonderful style for her. She said it was even better than she could ever have imagined it to be. I got goosebumps. It’s this feeling that makes me feel all fuzzy inside, and makes me wanting to come back for more!

They had a small intimate wedding of 30, which was perfect.

Here in the north East of England not only do we have the most beautiful wedding venues and beaches, we have the finest wedding suppliers too!

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